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Have you ever been told that you are not really saved unless you are baptized, or a member of a certain church? Have you ever felt that you were an inferior Christian because you were not a missionary or a preacher? Have you ever felt that God was angry at you because you missed going to church…even when you felt OK? Galatians deal with these kinds of questions.


Galatians also reveals how believers are to confront various “false gospels” such as…

  • Salvation depends on faith plus keeping portions of the OT.

  • Because NT Christians are under God’s grace they can live however they choose.

  • The Bible is not God’s only revelation.

  • Salvation depends on being baptized and taking the Lord’s Supper (communion).

  • God’s grace is dispersed only through the church.Your right standing before God depends on your doing good works.                   



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