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The Greatest Letter Ever Written

Romans has been described as being arguably the most influential book in Christian history, perhaps in the history of Western civilization. The book of Romans gives the reader a solid understanding of what Christians believe and it also provides answers to life’s most challenging questions such as:


  • How come I keep sinning, even when I don’t want to?

  • How does the Holy Spirit help me live a life that pleases God?

  • You mean my behavior is not what is most important to God?

  • What does it mean to live by faith?

  • What makes grace so amazing?

Romans PowerPoint Slides

Romans Overview Diagram

Romans-Part 1: Introduction

Romans-Part 2: The Cure for a Terminal Disease (1:1-17)

Romans-Part 3: The Downward Spiral of Sin (1:18-32)

Romans-Part 4: Here Comes the Judge (2:1-16)

Romans-Part 5: The True Jew (2:17-29)

Romans-Part 6: Man's Greatest Need (3:1-31)

Romans-Part 7: How Does a Sinner Become Right Before a Holy God? (4:1-25)

Romans-Part 8: Seven Benefits of Being a Christian

Romans-Part 9: Liberty is Not License

Romans-Part 10: The Christian's Struggle

Romans-Part 11: Victory Over the Struggle

Romans-Part 12: Is God Fair with Israel?

Romans-Part 13: Israel's Misplaced Zeal

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