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Finding Answers to Life's Most Interesting Questions

APOLOGIA (apologetics) is especially needed today, when the world faces a "crisis of truth."


Postmodern relativism says "truth is what it is to you, not necessarily what it is to me." Some people today strongly believe there are many roads to heaven, and anyone who is good will certainly enjoy eternity there. Still others reject the idea of a Supreme Being who ordered the entire Universe. So who is right? How do we answer those who ask about what we believe and why we believe it? Apologetics give us answers to life's most interesting questions.

This study is at the introductory level and is not intended to be an exhaustive, highly technical approach to Christian apologetics. It is scoped to be at the level of the typical believer in Christ who may be a recent convert or one who has been a believer for many years.

Part 1: Is the Bible Truly God's Word?

Part 2: Does God Really Exist? 

Part 3: Who is Jesus?

Part 4: Who is the Holy Spirit?

Part 5: Understanding the Trinity

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