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Christian Living in Today's Culture

We live in an increasingly post-Christian culture today and often find ourselves on the margins as fewer people in America today have any intention of going to church. Tim Chester and Steve Timmins ("Everyday Church") point out that over 85% of people in America have no interest in church, God, or Christianity. 


To understand better how Christians are to live in today's culture we look to the book of 1 Peter whose readers faced very similar circumstances. Peter's first letter is packed with amazing insights as it teaches us how to live in a post-modern culture and how to evangelize a disinterested society.

Part 1: Understanding Today's Culture

Part 2: God's Amazing Salvation

Part 3: What Does It Mean to be Holy?

Part 4: Am I Growing?

Part 5: Living Honorably in Today's Culture

Part 6: Responding to Cultural Hostilities

Part 7: Maintaining Healthy Christian Lives

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