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Advanced Bible   &  Theology Classes

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Old Testament Survey
Course No. TLC-601
New Testament Survey
Course No. TLC-602

This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the contemporary significance of the Old Testament, and its transferable principles. The course will provide an overview of the Old Testament, by breaking it down into ten easy to understand periods. Class topics.

This course is designed to give participants an overview of the New Testament, including its major thematic elements, its major historical events, and how it was written for the instruction and encouragement. Class topics.

(How to Interpret the Bible)
Course No. TLC-603
Christianity I
(Systematic Theology)
Course No. TLC-604

This course shows participants how to get the most out of a Bible study by interpreting it properly. It addresses the various literary genres of the Bible, how to examine the context and exegete the author’s intended message. It also shows how to use the popular O-I-A Method of Bible study. Class topics.

The objective of this course is to equip believers to know what they believe and why they believe it. It addresses topics such as: Is the Bible authentic, does God really exist, who is Jesus, and how does the Holy Spirit work in the believer's life? Class topics.

Christianity II
(Systematic Theology)
Course No. TLC-605

This course is a continuation of "Christianity I," and focuses on topics such as: how does salvation work, do angels really exist, why is church necessary, and what is God's plan for the future? Class topics.

Church Roots
(Church History)
Course No. TLC-606

This course presents a brief overview of the history of Christianity from Pentecost to today. It describes the ups and downs of the church and shows how God has kept his hand on the church. A brief introduction to modern day denominations is also included. Class topics.

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